Who Are We?

MH Billing Services, LLC was established in February 2015 and became a limited liability company in the state of Virginia in March 2016 by Waqia Richardson. The company was founded by Ms. Richardson after she working in the mental health field, hence, "MH", for 5 years. While working in the field, Ms. Richardson sought a need for medical billing specializing in mental health, specifically with Medicaid and licensed private providers in the state of Virginia.  MH Billing Services' venture began with one client and our clients have increased primarily through referrals. In turn, as our clients have increased so has our highly qualified, trained and experienced staff. We ensure each staff member has a experience in not only medical billing, but, also in the mental health field as well. 

MH Billing Services, LLC has also assisted companies in other areas, such as: reconstructing their organization, consulting services,  providing risk management training and team building/company morale seminars, electronic claims submission training, re-submission of denied claims and First Aid/CPR/AED training through the American Red Cross to name a few.


MH Billing Services, LLC assists mental health providers by processing insurance claims and receiving the highest possible rate of return on revenue collections. Our goal is to collect 94% or better on all revenue billed. MH Billing Services understands what's required to maintain a company and prides itself on ensuring we do whatever is needed to give you the freedom you deserve.

MH Billing Services ensure our staff remain honest, transparent and professional when working for you. MH Billing Services ensures accurate and proficient electronic claim submission which provides for faster reimbursements.

We are now servicing the Tidewater region in the state of Virginia

Let MH Billing Services utilize our expertise to give you the freedom you deserve!

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